Away Days and Workshops

Do you need to step away from the day-to-day pressures of running a business and gain new perspective and inspiration?

Maybe you have to align your management team behind an ambitious new strategy, or have an honest lessons-learned conversation?

Or perhaps after years of screen contact, you’re just looking to bring your people together through face time, not FaceTime?

Digital communications have enabled more businesses to pivot to remote and hybrid working. As a manager you can see the benefits. But as a leader you know that sometimes there is no substitute for bringing your people together. No-one wrote a song about being in the Zoom where it happened.

An engaging away day or offsite workshop builds personal relationships, develops trust, shares information and creates possibilities. It might involve bringing in expert, outside perspectives to renew your thinking. Or it could be a way to highlight new voices from inside your organisation. Having planned and facilitated offsites and workshops for startups, SMEs, non-profits and multinationals, we know there is no single formula for impact. A successful away day will be bespoke to you, and comes out of a deep understanding of your situation and challenges.

His preparation was thorough, his style structured, inclusive and creatively engaging. I’ve been involved in many such processes before in corporate life and know that real value only ever comes from someone who works methodically and collaboratively to end up with a practical road map every one can buy into and implement. I know I can always trust George to deliver. 

john bond, whitefox publishing services