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This weekend I got around to one of the small administrative tasks that I’ve been putting off for ages and moved this website from a Jekyll static site hosted on Github Pages to WordPress. When I was setting up my business a couple of years ago, I was less busy than now and cashflow was more critical, so investing time rather than money in my website made sense. Recently that calculation changed. I’ve been thinking about how to use my website more strategically to support my business and research, and there are a few things I’d like to do with it that are more easily achievable through WordPress or existing plugins than me trying to figure out how to do them in Jekyll. I’ve also recommended WordPress to several clients, so there’s an element of validating that advice stills holds true.

This website has existed since December 2003, built through a series of iterations on static HTML, Movable Type, Jekyll and various flavours of WordPress. I think the first was WordPress 1.2.2 in December 2004, which makes me feel very old: my wife was pregnant at the time with our eldest, who is just finishing lower sixth and looking at universities. Coming back to WordPress after several years away feels like a massive jump. 6.0 feels like a very different proposition from earlier versions: the block-based content editing and site appearance is far more WYSIWYG, and I really like how uncluttered the post creation screen is. If there is a slightly steeper learning curve than I had expected, it’s all pretty slick. The proof will be whether I find the time to post more regularly…

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